One Hour Massage

This Service includes customized relaxing Swedish Massage therapy.

Price: $85

One Hour Deep Tissue Massage

This Service includes customized deep tissue therapy.

Price: $85

Aromatherapy Massage

This Service includes customized aromatherapy with essential oils and hot stones.

Price: $85

CBD Oil Massage

 1 Hour Massage using CBD oil that helps with pain relief and can also aid in alleviating anxiety

Price: $95

RainDrop Therapy

Young Living Raindrop Therapy is a essential oil treatment that is a treatment applied to the feet, spine and neck using specific essential oils that aid in relaxation, improves sleep, helps reduce anxiety and can reduce pain in the neck, back and shoulders 

Price: $85

          One Hour Reflexology              

This Service includes a scrub on the hands and feet then an Ayurvedic tool called a Kansa Wand is used on your Hands and feet to aid in Lymphatic drainage 

Price: $65    Reflexology on feet only  Price: $50

Acupressure Reflexology Facial Massage

This service aids in lymphatic drainage with the use of an Ayurvedic Tool  called a Kansa Wand and then helps  with blood flow and Balances the nervous system and finally smooths, softens and lifts the skin

Price: $75        

Acupressure Reflexology Teen Facial Massage

45 Minutes

This Service helps to heal and improve Hormonal Teen Skin by aiding in Lymphatic drainage and getting the blood flowing which helps the body heal itself and the client will leave with smooth, soft skin and  totally relaxed 

Price: $50

Fascia Blasting

Fascia Blasting is a Treatment to help loosen and smooth the layers of tight Fascia (connective tissue) that also helps Blood Flow,Lymphatic Drainage and Reduces Pain

Price: $65

Ear Candling 

Ear Candling is the Use of a wax coated cone that is lite on fire to create suction that will

help remove ear wax and open ear passage ways to help relieve pressure and pain

Price: $40


Cupping is a treatment that aids in pain relief by massaging oil into the skin and using 

silicone cups that are applied to the skin with suction and the suction loosens the tight fascia, gets the blood flowing and aids in Lymphatic Drainage

Price: $65

Scalp Treatment

Relaxing 20 minute Head Massage with a Conditioning and Hydrating Scalp Treatment

Price: $25

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